Britney Spears – sued for $ 10 million

The singer is accused of defrauding the firm to obtain a lucrative contract with the cosmetics company Elizabeth Arden.

This lawsuit for breach of contract was filed Wednesday (March 30) against the singer and her father, Jamie Spears, who is her legal guardian. Brand Sense argues that they should get 35% of the profits of the limelight with the sale of this fragrance, after having helped her to enter into an agreement with Elizabeth Arden to launch a new line of fragrances.

“Britney secretly made a separate deal with Elizabeth Arden in a sneaky underhanded effort to circumvent and evade its obligations to Brand Sense,” the suit states.

“Effectively, Britney improperly and illegally cut Brand Sense out of the Elizabeth Arden deal.”

The company accuses Spears of having asked Elizabeth Arden to pay all fees related to the sale of their fragrance and not providing Brand Sense with their due profits.

The company even claims they caught Jamie Spears red handed when he acted on his daughter’s behalf, saying that the commission was too high and that Britney didn’t want to pay.

Brand Sense thus asks for $ 10 million in damages.

No comments on this lawsuit from team Britney so far.