Alias star actor Michael Vartan got married

At 42, Michael Vartan married for the first time. The lucky lady? Lauren Skaar, a pretty young 22-year-old girl that the actor met in a supermarket two years ago. The ceremony took place in California, in privacy.

Just married, Michael Vartan told People: “My family was thrilled. They love Lauren and could not be happier. Now all my mother talks about is grandchildren.”

“Our families both took an immediate liking to our partners and knew probably before we did that this was serious and going somewhere,” the bride added.

Skaar recalls how they fell in love at first sight. “We met at a grocery store in L.A.,” she says. “Michael approached me after some well calculated “stalking,” as I like to call it. We didn’t date right away. I wouldn’t give him my number but did take his e-mail address, and we didn’t see each other until a few months after our first meeting. That was almost two years ago.”

The bride wore a Vera Wang dress that was customized by her bridal shop, an Oscar de la Renta belt detailed with mother of pearl and Swarovski crystals.

As for what the future holds, the groom says, “Our plans for the future are to live a happy, simple life, have kids, lots of dogs and go with the flow. I married my best friend; [it] shouldn’t be too hard!”