Sony: 8 megapixels camera for iPhone 5?

Asked about the consequences of the earthquake and tsunami on Sony factories in Japan, Stringer said that the Sendai plant that produces camera sensors was affected by the earthquake. He added that shipments of photo sensors to Apple were therefore delayed.

Since Sony’s mobile products use only optical components from OmniVision, it’s reasonable to think that these sensors were planned for the next iPhone, as iPad 2 has just been released and the iPod touch is disqualified since this product line makes 8 megapixels gadgets.

In April 2010, the website The Street prognosticated an iPhone 4 of 5 megapixels, and an iPhone 5 of 8 megapixels. If such a resolution is not really likely to improve an already good image, it would allow Apple to take its mobile to a high level.