Charlie Sheen takes jabs at ex Denise Richard on Cleveland show

Live in Cleveland as part of his tour, Charlie sang to an entire room a vibrant hymn of love addressed to his ex-wife Denise Richard. The chorus: “F * ck that B ** ch”.

Soon the audience started chanting “F-ck Detroit” and “F-ck that bitch!”, referring to Sheen’s failure in the first location of his tour.

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards were married, they have two little girls, Sam and Lola, and despite his many excesses, Denise has always refused to criticise her ex-husband.

Fortunately, Charlie had kinder words for his father, Martin Sheen, who has repeatedly called for his son to get help for his “illness.”

He said: “How many ‘Apocalypse Now’ fans are here? Martin Sheen, ever hear of him … he’s the coolest guy on the planet.”

Among other bizarre things, Sheen took questions from a moderator and those in attendance, some of whom booed again, to which he responded that they can leave because “I already got your money.”