Michael Jackson’s financial problems caused his death?

Attorneys for Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson’s personal physician accused of manslaughter, claim the singer had accidentally caused his own death. The King of Pop was troubled by financial problems.

Overwhelmed by his money troubles, Jackson killed himself accidentally, argued Mr. Edward Chernoff before a judge of the Superior Court of Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Murray’s lawyer expressed this theory during a hearing before the doctor’s trial.

Chernoff didn’t use the term “suicide”. However, he hinted that Jackson himself was responsible for the overdose of sedative that cost him his life.

“The crux of the defense is going to be that Michael Jackson engaged in a desperate act and took desperate measures that caused his death,” the lawyer argued. “We believe at the time Michael Jackson died he was a desperate man in relation to his financial affairs,” reports AP.

When the singer died June 25, 2009, he was indeed riddled with debt, the amount reportedly reached some $ 500 million. But the King of Pop was preparing a tour that could have helped him out of this situation.

However, Deputy District Attorney David Walgren dismissed the defense’s strategy as a “irrelevant sideshow” and a “smear.”

The trial of Dr. Murray set to begin on May 9.

The process of jury selection began in March and it will continue until early next month.

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