Hugh Jackman vs. Gerard Butler vs. Keanu Reeves

Is it because of the roles they play or is it that they were simply born attractive? What exactly makes us love these three guys so much?

Hugh Jackman

• He met his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, in 1995 while co-starring in the Australian TV series Correll.
• His stunt double in two of his films (Van Helsing, X-Men: The Last Stand) was Richard Bradshaw, his brother-in-law.
• His wife suffered two miscarriages which they point to as the most difficult point in their lives. That is why they decided to adopt children Oscar, 10, and Ava, 5.
• He is good friends with Liev Schreiber and Nicole Kidman.
• He’s not a smoker in real life and feels horrible to smoke in movies.
• Is left-handed, although often seen doing things right-handed (such as shooting, much like actor Keanu Reeves).
• Can’t read without glasses so he usually memorizes his speeches for events where he is invited.

Gerard Butler

• He is Scottish but is of partial Irish ancestry. He has a legal degree from Glasgow University.
• Didn’t see his father from the age of 2 until turning 16.
• He cried while talking about the loneliness of the character he portrayed in the movie “The Phantom of the Opera” (2004).
• Was the lead singer in the rock band “Speed” and considers music his second love after acting.• His eyes are grey/green in color but often appear blue on screen.
• In 2001 he was considered the best choice for the role of James Bond.
• His favorite actor is Christian Bale.
• He gained a reputation as a nice guy because he always makes time to socialize with fans and treats the filming crew with the same respect he treats his fellow actors.

Keanu Reeves

• His parents divorced when he was little, his mother remarried twice, but both marriages did not last long.
• He learned more than 200 martial arts moves for his role in The Matrix.
• He played bass in a band called “Becky.”
• He dropped $ 2 million from his salary so that Al Pacino could be cast in the same film as him: The Devil’s Advocate.
• Keanu has gone through many dramas: his only fiancée lost a pregnancy in 1999 and died in a car accident two years later.
• Hobbies include horseback riding and surfing. He also enjoys ballroom dancing.
• His older sister Kim, who is battling leukemia, is his best friend.

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