Kristen Stewart celebrates 21st birthday with Robert Pattinson and Twilight co-stars

The private party was held at Rockwell’s Bar and Grill in Squamish, Vancouver, where the final chapters of the “Twilight” saga are currently shot.

Forget all the rumors…Robert Pattinson led the entire restaurant sing happy birthday to his girlfriend.

A source revealed to U.S. Weekly: “Rob led the crowd singing for her, and you could tell she was so embarrassed but in a cute way! Everyone was in a good mood, but it was a bittersweet night (as filming is almost complete).”

The guests ate oysters and passed foods, a source told Around 10 pm, Kristen received a “simple chocolate cake” made by a private catering company.

The actor is usually discreet in public, but he didn’t hesistate to embrace his sweetheart in front of everyone.

According to a witness the two heroes of Twilight exchanged tender gestures all evening: “Rob and Kristin were together all night. They held hands and he kissed her cheek a bunch of times.”

According to another source, the guests offered a motorcycle to Stewart as a birthday present.

“Rob was so excited for Kristen and they each took turns riding it,” says the insider. “Kristen learned to ride a dirt bike in New Moon so they thought it would be appropriate. Rob was supervising as she sat on it to make sure she was ok. They looked like they were having a great time, and it will be something they can really enjoy!”

The filming for the fourth episode of the Twilight saga will end within weeks.