Pauly D on Charlie Sheen’s show in Boston

The Jersey Shore star joined Sheen on stage in Boston, telling him, “I wanna be you for one day!”

“Are we happy to see this young man? We told you there would be surprises,” Sheen told the crowd. “I told you, none of this is planned!”

As Pauly D told Sheen: “I got a new show coming up and I want you to be on it,” the actor replied, “What about just one episode and we’ll make it epic!”

“I don’t watch the show… but I can tell he’s very popular here. He’s a handsome bastard,” Sheen said after Pauly D left.

However, it seems not even the Jersey Shore star could pump up Charlie’s show.

The Boston Globe wrote: “For nearly 90 minutes they had been subjected to a witless barrage of non sequiturs, non-stories, non-jokes – a non-event, start to finish.”

“When the dreary debacle was finally over, the applause died before Sheen had even left the stage,” the newspaper reported, noting that the drug called Charlie Sheen “may be losing its potency.”