Apple’s white iPhone 4 to be launched at the end of April?

The white iPhone 4 has been known for a series of reports that have cast doubt on its existence. Shifted to the fall of 2010, then at the end of the year, the event’s launch finally tipped in the spring of 2011.

It seems persistent production problems delayed its marketing, and without details being given, various rumors circulated. However, last March, Phil Schiller, Apple’s CEO during Steve Jobs’ absence for medical reasons, had responded in a tweet that was addressed to him that the white iPhone will be available this spring.

Today, Bloomberg said they had confirmation of the production of the white iPhone 4 from the assembler Foxconn, which could lead to its availability at the end of April for both AT&T and Verizon operators.

Such a schedule also raises the question of the date of launch of a next model of iPhone. Traditionally announced in June at the WWDC event, the iPhone 5 could be offset this year in September.