Courteney Cox rejects David Arquette at Disney


A few days ago, David Arquette and Courteney Cox were spotted in a Disney amusement park to the delight of their daughter Coco. A golden opportunity for David Arquette to win back his lady love.

On the Howard Stern Show, Arquette admitted it didn’t go that easy with her: “Listen, I tried to f*** her, and she doesn’t even want me,” the actor told millions of listeners of the radio show. “[I thought], this is the happiest place on Earth! Let’s make it happier!”

On Letterman’s show, Courteney told her version of the story, but with more tact: “He did try to hit on me. He hit pretty hard. And I said, ‘No more fast pass right now. Not that ride!'”, adding “that’s not really for anyone to know.”

“He’s somethin’ else,” she continued, adding that Arquette is “over 100 days sober now. He’s doing great.”

As for why her estranged husband shared so much about their private life on Stern’s show last fall, she said: “We got separated and David wanted to just go out and tell the truth. He was doing a lot of drinking and stuff. He shared a lot!”

Currently promoting the horror movie Scream 4, Courteney Cox must be prepared to answer questions from moderators and other journalists who will surely try to learn more about the subject.