Prince William invites Royal Air Force coworkers to the wedding

Photo by Mario Testino

“It’s a great honor,” flight commander Iain “Spike” Wright,” the prince’s line manager, told U.K.’s The Telegraph. “Then I relaxed and thought, ‘This is actually going to be quite good fun.’ ”

Wright also shared a little to the newspaper about the prince’s performance as a search-and-rescue pilot: “He is a natural. He just seems to be able to cope with everything we throw at him.”

Other members of RAF expressed their surprise at the royal invitations and their good thoughts on the Prince.

“First of all, I couldn’t believe it,” flight lieutenant Thomas “Sticky” Bunn told the paper. “My wife certainly couldn’t. When that envelope drops through the door with a Buckingham Palace stamp on it, it’s not something you see everyday.”

“He’s a really nice guy to have in the squadron,” Bunn adds.