Aston Martin’s new app for iPhone: Experience

After the success of the Explore application, launched last December, Aston Martin surprises their fans who have iPhones again. The British luxury manufacturer announces a new application, called Experience, which comes with new attractive features.

Unlike the old application, which was free, this one costs $ 5.99. For this modest amount, the client benefits from a guide of the 40 major cities worldwide, as they are described in Hedonist Guide, and a Top Road Guide function, which is an impressive collection of memorable routes around the world that are worth trying.

The app will take full advantage of the famous Retina display, providing high resolution pictures and movies. Thanks to phone sensors, the application offers some functions of telemetry, allowing the user to record more data when he is in the car.

The filming feature that will allow the user to record his experience behind the wheel won’t be missing either. During filming, a sensor will display the speed. For those who want to have such an experience on an Aston Martin, the app offers some sound recordings of the Aston Martin engine, including that of the One-77 supercar.