Courteney Cox would “freak out” if Jennifer Aniston dated David Arquette

In a recent interview on Howard Stern’s SiriusXM radio show Thursday, the former Friends star revealed that such a pairing wouldn’t please her too much. Really?

“That would just hurt me, because I have a real thing about friends,” Cox explained. “She’s one of my very best friends, so that would be weird.”

However, she thinks Aniston would stay true to their friendship and never take such a step.

“I would think that she cares too much about me to let that happen,” she added.

But how does David Arquette see such a union? “I’m not going to get her,” he replies. “I don’t want her.”

Stern caught the moment and hinted that the actor is interested in a much-younger star, 23-year-old singer Jessie J. Arquette insisted she’s “too young” for him, but Cox warned: “I’ll be looking her up later. Don’t you worry.”