Lady Gaga fan cuts her cat to get a costume

According to Radar Online, Angelina Barnes, 20, was arrested and placed in a mental hospital. The visibly disturbed teenager drowned the family’s 15-year-old cat before cutting it into small pieces in order to dress up in meat like her favorite singer Lady Gaga at the MTV Video Music Awards.

What is worse, Angelina ripped the organs out of her pet and cut its eyes out. The cat’s liver was later found in a makeup case.

On returning home, the parents of the “little monster”, the name that Lady Gaga affectionately calls her fans, discovered a scene of horror.

The house was plunged in darkness, duct tape had been applied to prevent the switches to turn on the light. Tissues were also extended on the sources of light for a dim atmosphere.

On entering her room, they saw the dead cat and their daughter covered with the blood of the animal. The young woman was transported to the hospital, where she threatened a nurse who took care of her with a piece of glass.

According to Radar Online, Barnes is currently being treated at Griffin Memorial Hospital, a psychiatric center in Norman, Oklahoma. She will be tried for torture and cruelty on an animal.

The disturbed fan probably wanted to compete with the meat dress that Gaga wore at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2010.