Shakira: No ring theft

The thief alert is lifted. A video showing an extract from the concert Shakira held on April 7 in Monterrey, Mexico, caused the buzz. While she was descending from the stage to greet her fans massed along the fences, the star appeared to have been the victim of a robbery.

The images showed Shakira withdrawing her hand quickly after shaking that of a fan. The singer seemed to look fixedly at her fingers, as if something was missing, a ring in this case according to the information reported.

By carefully observing the video images, it was found that Shakira still had the piece of jewelry. The singer only had the impression that the fan had stolen something.

Shakira’s publicist, Joseph Carozza, told TMZ, “There is no truth to this report. A fan grabbed her hand and she looked down. Her ring is still visible on her hand as she continued to walk through the crowd.”