Is HTC preparing a 16MP camera smartphone?

The promise of a Windows Phone 7 and 16MP camera smartphone was made by HTC, through a promotional video which describes a device that is not very different from the Android-based Desire S.

One possibility is that the model presented in the images is a placeholder for the real Windows Phone 7 smartphone, a model which would contain the mysterious 16MP camera.

However, it is a known fact that a high resolution camera doesn’t necessarily guarantee good quality pics, but this never stopped producers from coming up with new models to respond to public desires, attracted by the lure of megapixels.

Among the HTC models currently on the market there are no smartphone models with resolutions higher than 8MP cameras. At present, the highest resolution camera is provided by an Altek product, an Android smartphone equipped with a 14MP camera. This is followed by Nokia N8, equipped with a 12MP camera.