Maserati launches the 8CTF bike

Protecting nature has become an important goal for all auto manufacturers and some of them go to extremes to achieve this goal. Audi, McLaren, Land Rover or BMW’s M division have launched bikes on the market that bears their logo and now it’s Maserati that comes up with a two-wheeled vehicle that is 100% organic.

The new Maserati 8CTF bicycle will be sold in 200 copies. The Italian manufacturer has joined forces with the Sicilians at Montante Cicli to create this jewel on two wheels. The name 8CTF was borrowed from the model that won the 500-mile race at Indianapolis in 1939 and 1940.

Each copy of the 8CTF will be customized according to the customer’s preferences. Among the special items included on the bicycle we find the Maserati logo on the front, the ’30s logo of the Italian manufacturer and a metal plate for identification.

For lovers of outdoor walks, the bike can be ordered from the online shop and the starting price is 3,600 euros, excluding shipping charges.