Miley Cyrus shows us her dream catcher tattoo via Twitter

Miley Cyrus, yfrog

Looks like Miley Cyrus, who has just said she no longer feels welcomes in the U.S. and prefers Australia and South America, is sporting the Indian look. Perhaps she’s getting ready for her Gypsy Heart Tour.

Miley took a photo of herself and posted it on Twitter to purportedly show off her piggy tails. However, the first thing anyone can notice is the tattoo inked on her ribs.

According to Indian belief, the dream catcher is supposed to prevent bad dreams from invading the sleep of the holder.

The dream catcher has four feathers hanging from it, each of which reportedly represents one of her siblings. The dream catcher is meant to protect them.

Miley already has four other tattoos: “Just Breathe” under her left breast, in tribute to a young friend who died of cystic fibrosis, a cross and a heart on the fingers, and the word “Love” on her ear.