Kara DioGuardi confides about child molestation and rape

However, the book also contains Kara’s confession about a series of traumatic experiences: molestation and date rape.

Kara recounts how she suffered from the ordeal at the hands of a family friend’s son when she was 11: “On one particular day, he took me into the back shed of his house and put his hands all over my breasts and vagina. I remember freezing and not knowing what to do.”

As for the rape, DioGuardi says it happened in 2000 and that she was a victim to a “fairly known producer” with whom she went on a date.

“[W]ithin a few hours, he was on top of me, pumping, sweating, and speaking to me in Spanish, not a word of which I could understand,” Kara recalls, adding that she didn’t tell anyone about the incident, fearing that it would ruin her career.

But these weren’t the only pleasant experiences DioGuardi had to deal with. She also spoke about a “hugely successful artist” that invited her to three-day songwriting trip. However, instead of working, “the trip’s activities consisted of watching Russian p#!n, scavenging around the kitchen for food [and] leering at two strippers… as they performed sex acts in the living room.”

The only reason she continued to work with the singer was because she wanted to prove that he couldn’t derail her career.