Arnold Schwarzenegger could run for the presidency of the European Union

Schwarzenegger, 63, former Mister Universe, is thinking about his political future, and his entourage advised him to return to Europe to run for the EU presidency, according to Newsweek magazine.

“In the next few years, the EU will be looking for a much more high-profile president—somebody who can unify Europe,” Terry Tamminen, former head of Schwarzenegger’s cabinet, told the magazine.

“The French won’t want a German, and the Germans won’t want an Italian. How about a European-born person who went off to America and … could return to be the Washington or Jefferson of a new unified Europe?” Tamminen added, without explicitly giving the name of the former U.S. governor.

After his second term as California’s governor ended, there were rumors about the political or cinematic future of the “Governor.”

One thing is sure. He can’t run for U.S. presidency, reserved only for individuals who were born on American soil. The idea seems attractive to the actual British Prime Minister, David Cameron, who joked with Schwarzenegger on the issue during a recent visit to London.

“We need to change the Constitution and then you can run [for president],” the British politician joked.

Meanwhile, Arnold Schwarzenegger will return to the big screen. In early April, he present “The Governor” at Cannes, a cartoon that depicts him as a superhero, created in collaboration with Stan Lee, creator of the Hulk, Thor, Spiderman and X-Men.