Official: Nissan Leaf – World Car of the Year in 2011

Nissan Leaf has become the most successful model launched in 2010 in the world after the model won the title of World Car of the Year. Leaf won the “event”, becoming one of the few models to snatch the two most important awards given by the world auto industry, European Car of the Year and World Car of the Year.

The prize was awarded to Nissan officials at the New York Auto Show, as the Japanese model beat the Audi A8 and BMW 5 Series.

“It is a great joy that the world’s first mass-marketed electric vehicle, the Nissan Leaf, has won the prestigious award of 2011 World Car of the Year,” says Nissan chairman and CEO Carlos Ghosn. “This accolade recognizes [the] Leaf, a pioneer in zero emission mobility, as comparable in its driving performance, quietness and superb handling to gas-powered cars. And it validates Nissan’s clear vision and the values of sustainable mobility that we want to offer to customers around the world.”

The jury was composed of 66 international top journalists elected from 24 representative markets. Under competition rules, each of the jurors was eligible to participate in this professional panel according to the analysis, expertise, experience, credibility and influence they have in their country.


2005 – Audi A6
2006 – BMW 3 Series
2007 – Lexus LS460
2008 – Mazda2
2009 – VW Golf
2010 – VW Polo
2011 – Nissan Leaf

Secondary categories of the 2011 Edition of World Car of the Year were won by Ferrari 458 Italy (World Performance Car), Aston Martin Rapide (World Car Design of the Year) and Chevrolet Volt (who received the consolation prize for Green Car of the Year).