Laptops with projector instead of DVD – the future of notebooks?

The first model, Fujitsu S761 / C is an ultra-portable with a 13.3-inch display with 1366 x 768 pixels resolution, powered by an Intel Core i5 series processor. The estimated cost is around $ 2,675.

Fujitsu P771 / C, with its 12.1-inch screen and a configuration centered around the same range of processors, falls within the category of ultra-portables, but it costs a bit more: $ 3,110.

Laptops with pico-projector are designed for the market in Japan, but similar models are likely to arrive in a year or two in Europe as well.

Such an upgrade (projector instead of the optical drive) is at least interesting. Even if the lamp consumes more power than a DVD writer, this becomes irrelevant when you connect the system to the mains.