Meet the youngest surviving premature baby

After only 21 weeks and five days, the baby was born, weighing 460 grams. Initially doctors didn’t give the baby too many chances of survival, as the staff at the Association of Neonatal considers that babies who are born earlier than 22 weeks are unable to live.

Currently, the little girl named Frieda weighs 3,500 grams and is ready to leave hospital and move to her home in Fulda, a small town near Frankfurt.

The girl’s mother faced problems since the fifteenth week of pregnancy and was subsequently admitted to hospital to stop the early onset of labor. Doctors were able to delay the birth by only ten days. Once the baby was born, she was moved immediately into an incubator, where she received intensive care.

In the history of medicine, only one similar case has been reported. In 1987, a boy was born in Ottawa, Canada, at the same stage of pregnancy as Frieda, and was fortunate to survive.