Chinese writer wants plastic surgery to look like Shakespeare

William Shakespeare - Wikipedia

Zhang Yiyi will have to do 10 facial lifts in 10 months, to look like the British bard. Also, he will need to go to monitoring monthly after each surgery, the Shanghai Daily reports.

According to doctors, the surgeries won’t be very difficult, as Zhang has a face with a sharp nose and big eyes, just like Shakespeare. Chief surgeon Zheng Churong says the procedure involves surgery on the eye, chin and other parts of the face.

The writer has decided to pursue his plan even after learning about the risks involved in this procedure. The cost of the surgery will be covered with money he earned from selling his latest book, for which he had worked for four years, informs

“Life is a process of striving to become a better person. I think the surgeries are worth the money,” Zhang was quoted as saying. However, Zhang’s critics say he’s more interested in publicity than in focusing on writing.

This is not the first time Zhang is in the attention of the media. He once compared himself to China’s great sage, Confucius.