Lindsay Lohan sentenced to four months in prison, released on bail

The actress was prosecuted for stealing a $ 2,500 necklace in a jewelry store. The trial promised to be positive: her felony grand theft charge was reduced to a misdemeanor.

But the Judge of the Superior Court of Los Angeles, Stephanie Sautner, said the 24-year-old actress had violated her probation by stealing the necklace from the Kamofie & Co. jewelry.

Lindsay was already the subject of a conviction for driving while intoxicated dating from 2007.

As a result, the court sentenced her to 120 days in jail, which she was able to avoid in extremis thanks to a $ 75,000 bail.

As People reports, Judge Sautner didn’t go mild on Lohan.

“Would a person with any brains walk out with a necklace with [security] cameras on?” the judge asked. “Maybe it’s brazenness, stupidity – I don’t know what. Perhaps it was a desire to hide in plain sight.”

Lohan waited 10 days before returning the necklace, and only after she learned that a warrant was to be executed on her home. Sautner commented: “It was like, ‘Let me see what I can get away with.’ ”

As for the 480 community service hours, Lohan will perform 360 of them at the Downtown Women’s Center. “Then she will see how truly needy women have to live and that might change her,” the judge said.

The other 120 hours are to be performed at the L.A. County morgue where Lindsay will see “what happens when people drink and drive,” Sautner said.

While waiting to pay her, Lohan was maintained for 5 hours at the court prison in Los Angeles.