Kate Middleton vs. Princess Diana

On Friday, April 29, by marrying William, Kate Middleton in turn will have to assume the role of a princess. In the UK, the comparisons between the two ladies are rife.

Two billion viewers, 1,900 guests, four bridesmaids and two wedding cakes are some of the details of the wedding of Prince William, to be held on April 29. But the big surprise will be Kate Middleton’s wedding dress.

Kate Middleton will marry Prince William 30 years after the sumptuous marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, celebrated in 1981, at Saint Paul’s Cathedral in London. The couple divorced in 1996 and Diana died in a car crash in Paris in 1997. Later, Charles married Camilla, a longtime friend of his.

Kate Middleton, 29, and Prince William, 28, second in line to the British throne, met in 2001 at the Scottish University St. Andrews. Their relationship, which began in 2003, was interrupted by a brief separation in 2007. William, Princess Diana’s eldest son, and Kate Middleton were engaged in October 2010, during a private holiday which they spent in Kenya.

Many say that beauty and elegance are common to Kate Middleton and Princess Diana. Moreover, since Prince William has announced his engagement to Kate Middleton, his future wife is said to become the new “princess of hearts”. Like Diana, Kate attracts a lot of media attention. Although she is in the spotlight just like Diana was, British reporters are convinced that she will play her role without copying Lady Di.

Below are some similarities and differences between the two royal ladies:

• Princess Diana was 19 when she married Charles, Kate Middleton is 29.
• Kate wears the same engagement ring that Lady Di wore.
• Diana was very loved by the British (and others as well), but Kate has quickly won their hearts too.
• Diana’s Fave Designer: Catherine Walker, Kate’s Fave Designer: Daniella Helayel
• Kate has often been included in “best dressed” lists, Lady Di was a fashion icon too.
• In announcing the engagement, Kate was wearing a dress that had the same color as Lady Di’s dress when announcing her engagement to Prince Charles.
• Prince Charles had known Diana for several years but took serious interest in her in the summer of 1980 and proposed to her on February 6, 1981, while Kate Middleton and Prince William had an 8-year relationship before becoming engaged.

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