Security measures for the wedding of the century

Photo by Mario Testino

About a thousand British troops took part Wednesday in a general rehearsal for the parade and security measures were taken for the wedding day of Prince William and Kate Middleton, according to The Guardian.

Nothing was left to chance in the armed forces parade, so that every movement and appearance was timed in seconds.

The day started very early for soldiers who will march Friday at 2 o’clock. They left the unit in Westminster shortly before 5 and began their journey.

Some of the soldiers, sailors and aviators are fellow workers of Prince William.

The repetition officially started at around 5, from the Parliament building to Westminster Abbey, the military simulating the route of the royal convoy on Friday.

When William and Kate will leave the cathedral, two groups of 12 soldiers each will line the sides to lead to the coach. Other dozens of soldiers on horseback will accompany the wedding car and will join the parade.

On the other hand, officers from Scotland Yard will bring their contribution to the perfect course of the royal wedding. In the last nine days, they have arrested six activists who might plan protests on the wedding day, April 29, and they intend to make other arrests in case of an operation already underway.

Also, more than 60 people who have been released on bail are banned from London on Friday.

By law, officers can ban any protest on the route of the royal convoy on the wedding day.

Scotland Yard announced that it had received information about several groups of activists who want to use the royal wedding as an excuse to protest. These include a group called “Muslims against the Crusades” who wanted to protest in front of the cathedral, according to the source.

In addition, a group of people protesting against the royal wedding, counting 1,500 members who have a Facebook profile, plans to organize a protest in Trafalgar Square on Friday at 9.30 am, without a permit.