TOP ROYAL BEAUTIES: Kate Middleton, Princess Diana, Grace Kelly, Princess Charlotte and Queen Rania

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Kate Middleton, future princess

Kate Middleton is preparing to become a princess. On April 29, Kate, who comes from a family with no ties to the British royal house, will say “yes” to Prince William. Admired for her fashion sense and placed on many “best dressed” lists, she was called “waitie Katie” by the British tabloids because Prince William’s proposal was late to appear.

Princess Diana, Lady Di

From her marriage in 1981 until the divorce in 1996 she was called Her Royal Highness The Princess of Wales. After the divorce she became Diana, Princess of Wales and to many, Lady Di. The “princess of hearts” or “people’s princess”, as the British called her, Diana entered history because of her kindness, grace, as well as her tragic destiny.

Grace Kelly

A popular actress of the 50s, Grace Kelly was one of the most photographed women of the twentieth century, renowned for her beauty and elegance. After marrying her handsome prince, Rainier III of Monaco, Grace gave up acting, devoting herself to her new role in the princely family of Monaco. She is the mother of the current Sovereign Prince, Albert II of Monaco.

Princess Charlotte of Monaco

Princess Charlotte Casiraghi, the fourth in line of succession to the throne of Monaco, is the granddaughter of the beautiful Grace Kelly. The princess works as a journalist and editor. Despite her efforts to minimize publicity, she is popular with the paparazzi because of her stylish looks.

Queen Rania of Jordan

She was a 22-year-old Apple Computer employee, coming from a middle-class Palestinian doctor’s family, when she met the future King of Jordan. Now, Queen Rania is a fashion icon, often included in international best-dressed lists, and also one of the world’s few royals to have her own You Tube channel and Twitter account.

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