Apple says they spied on us by mistake and promise to fix it

Now Apple is now trying to repair the fault by blaming programmers who worked on the IOS operating system in April, saying that the problem stems from a software bug that makes the target devices to store more information than they should.

In other words, the fact that Apple devices store in chronological order all the sites visited by users, along with data on Wi-Fi hotspots located in the vicinity, it’s only the consequence of a programming error and not a deliberate attempt by the company to breach the privacy of its customers.

In error or not, the damage was already done and information collected for nearly a year and stored in an unencrypted file, copied automatically on any PC to which we synced our iPhones or iPads, are easily accessible to anyone who wants to know where we spent time on a particular day and the destinations we visit most often.

The same information is automatically sent to Apple.

The explanation given by Apple is that the information collected is not used to track the locations where users are. However, locations of Wi-Fi hotspots and of nearby mobile relays are used to improve services, which take into consideration the approximate location of the user in order to provide relevant and personalized advertising.

According to Apple, spying on individual users is not possible because the information is sent anonymously to the company’s servers using a secure connection.

After accepting that they collected more information than they should have, Apple announced that it will fix the problem soon through a software update, but until then the recording of these data can’t be stopped due to a software bug.