Rumors from Sony – hybrid tablet and the supreme ultra-portable

The first is called VAIO Freestyle Hybrid PC. The 9.4″ screen is probably identical to that of the Sony S1 tablet.

The device has a physical QWERTY keyboard, powered by a sliding mechanism. At its centers there seems to be a TrackPoint, like in the case of the Sony VAIO P keyboard, and a plug can be seen sideways.

Being released under the VAIO logo, the device will most likely have PC components and run a Microsoft operating system. According to rumors, Sony VAIO Freestyle Hybrid PC could be launched in autumn at a $ 800 price.

The second device is supposed to be the ultimate ultra-portable. The lines in the front side of the VAIO Ultimate Mobile PC a bit resemble the new VAIO S. On the side you can see a USB 3.0 jack and an HDMI port.

The bottom of the screen is the one that supports the ultra-portable on the desk when opened.