“Very cozy” reception for Prince William and Kate Middleton


After taking a break, our lovebirds left Clarence House for Buckingham Palace. On the menu: dinner in relatively small (250 to 300 close friends) group, and the reception.

Around 650 guests were present at Buckingham Place to celebrate Prince William and Catherine Middleton after the couple exchanged vows at Westminster Abbey.

“It was very cozy,” says a guest. “There was a wonderful relaxed atmosphere. There were lots of people there – even in a place as big as Buckingham Palace. I won’t say it was informal, but everyone was having a wonderful time.”

As guests and royals were conversing, Prince Charles and Prince William gave touching speeches.

“It was a very happy scene,” a male guest told People. “We cut the cake, and then Charles gave a lovely speech about his son and spoke about him in a very lovely way.”

“What I found amazing was the ability for the royal family to wander into a room with 600 people and just say thank you [to so many of them],” added David Livingstone, Head of St. Andrew’s School. “To be able to just go in, talk very freely and move on.”

The ceremony proved to be impressive not only for the audience on the streets of London or for the billions of viewers at home, but also for those who directly took part in it.

“It was a bit of a dream; what an amazing thing to be a part of,” Garth Thomas, a rugby player and friend of the groom, told ITV. “[The bride] was stunning, absolutely beautiful. Actually, it was almost a fairy-tale – but it was real.”