Prince Charles spoke about Kate Middleton as of the daughter he never had


Shortly after the scene at the balcony of Buckingham Palace, where newlyweds William and Kate kissed in front of the crowd, the royal couple attended the champagne reception hosted by Queen Elizabeth II, along with 650 guests, reports

In his speech on this occasion, Charles praised his daughter-in-law saying that their family is “lucky” to have her, but also mocked his son William’s thinning hair. He also wished the newlyweds a long and happy life together.

Kate’s former primary school headmaster Dr Robert Acheson, who is also a friend of the Middleton family, said on leaving the palace that William “spoke very well but it was Charles who really gave high praise to his daughter-in-law. He said they were really lucky to have a daughter like her.”

“I think Kate will be a wonderful role model. The speech really brought a tear to the eye. She was a delightful child and is now a delightful young woman. She’s an exceptionally nice person and she’s no fool. She will make a very good queen. She brings a lot to the party and I think they recognize that,” said Acheson.

Susie Lea, another friend of the Middleton family, also considered the impact of Charles’s speech. “The Prince of Wales made a few jokes about his bald patch and his son’s bald patch, saying it must be hereditary. He was stood slightly up on a small stand so he was looking down on William to his left. William smiled, he was amused. Kate looked amused as well,” said Lea.

The reception took place shortly after the appearance of the royal couple on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

After greeting the guests, the newlyweds cut the wedding cake to the cheers of friends.

“Kate looked immaculate, she was beaming the whole time,” said another participant at the reception, adding that his son had been friends with William in school. ” It was a fantastic reception, everyone was very relaxed. William thanked everyone involved in the organization of the wedding,” added the guest.

After this reception, the wedding party took place, also in Buckingham, with 300 guests who celebrated with the royal couple until Saturday morning. The banquet was held in the State Rooms of Buckingham Pallace, including the ball room.

It appears that the two will soon leave on their honeymoon, but the destination was not made public.

It seems that during the reception hosted by the groom’s father, Prince Charles, there were two traditional discourses: that of the best man, Prince Harry and the bride’s father, Michael Middleton.