Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon welcome “Dem Babies”

The singer’s rep, Cindi Berger, confirmed the birth, adding that the girl was born first, weighing 5 lbs. 3 oz., being 18 inches long, before her brother, a little fellow of 5 lbs. 6 oz. and 19 inches.

Berger told People that Mariah is “doing great”.

“I spoke to both of them and they are both completely overjoyed,” the rep added.

The children were born in a hospital in Los Angeles, three years after the marriage of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, on 30 April 2008.

Cannon had spoken on his show The Talk about the possibility of having the babies on the day of their third marriage anniversary: “I’m not trying to be a psychic, but we renew our vows every year so … It’s probably going to be in the hospital this year. I can feel it. We got the minister coming in, so this gown will not be a wedding gown, but a hospital gown.”

The future dad was so nervous that he mistook the service on arrival at the hospital.

“Nick was very nervous and Mariah was completely calm. Mariah thought it was another soft labor and Nick was driving her to the hospital and she very calm and the music was blasting,” the 42-year-old mom said. “When they walked into the hospital, [Nick] was going the wrong way and the nurse redirected them to go the maternity ward, and I said to her, ‘that’s right out of I Love Lucy,’ and she laughed.”

The young father took to Twitter to share his delight: “My wife just gave me the most incredible anniversary gift ever in life! I won’t ever be able to top this!”

The names of the newborns were not disclosed. But the future father warned in January: “They won’t be crazy names like Carburetor or something. But they’re definitely unique.”