Carla Bruni pregnant – French First Lady fuels rumors in interview

After she was pictured sporting a bump last week, rumors have been rife about a possible pregnancy by Carla Bruni, 43, with Nicolas Sarkozy, 56.

Le Parisien features an interview with Carla Bruni, the wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, in which she speaks in particular of her artistic life, her commitments, but also her private life.

Last week rumors started circulating, alleging that the former supermodel, now France’s first lady, is pregnant with her second child. The news has not been denied by her representatives, nor by Bruni herself.

As part of the interview, six readers of Le Parisien were invited to the Elysee Palace to interview her.

When one of them asked her directly: “Are you expecting a baby?”, Bruni answered: “If you’ll allow me, I’d rather not answer these questions about my family,” adding, “I am remaining tight-lipped about that to protect something.”

“I’d love to talk to you woman to woman about my family life, my personal dreams What’s more, I’m really a very chatty person. But on this subject, in some way my lips are sealed. Not through arrogance or because I like keeping secrets.”

Appearing honest according to her interviewers, the potentially pregnant woman added: “If we were both at a cafe, I would tell you frankly.”

Despite her answers, a member of the panel which interviewed her was sure Carla was “100 per cent” pregnant.

“She hid her little stomach with her shawl every time that a photographer approached, she did not deny it when we asked the question without a microphone,” the unnamed interviewer said. “But she has a reason to be careful – at 43 it’s always going to be a risky pregnancy.”

Bruni says she has decided to focus her husband’s career and not take any chances with a scoop. And whatever Sarkozy’s choices in 2012 are, she states: “If I think of France, my country, it is better that he continues. I am an ‘ultra-Sarkozyste.’ I am no longer left-wing at all.”

In all, an interview which didn’t clear anything up. Since rumors are saying she’s three months pregnant, unless she confirms it, we’ll find out in November if this is true or not.