How you can kiss through Internet

Unfortunately, the device is still in prototype, but it’s likely that this form of intimacy at a distance could be soon launched in Japan. It was invented and implemented by a team in the Kajimoto laboratory at the Electro-Communications University of Tokyo.

The system that allows a remote kiss consists of two modules connected in the video below to the same PC, that can communicate through the Internet. They have a little engine power, with motion sensors, which rotates a plastic extension. The extension movement is transmitted between the two modules and can be controlled by any user, providing a pretty good feedback.

Researchers working at the kiss transmitter argue that more elements can be implemented to further stimulate the senses. You can implement an extension element to adjust the humidity of the extension depending on the one measured by the other module, another one to simulate breathing and even a transmitter to activate the sense of taste substances.

For a version 2.0 of the kiss transmitter researchers want the implementation of a kiss simulator with celebrities. The market for such a facility should be quite high.

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