With this device you can play the piano with the power of thought (VIDEO)

The computer that incorporates this device may be purchased by persons with disabilities for $ 3,500 dollars. It uses three electrodes and an EEG amplifier.

Using the brain waves, a person can instantly create a wide range of musical notes by moving the eyes to one of the four images. These are responsible for the height of each sound, the rhythm, while controlling at the same time the duration of each note. Like when you learn to play a musical instrument, using the device requires study and skill, researchers say.

After a minimum study on people suffering from pseudocoma (patients are completely paralyzed, but conscious), it was shown that if they work, they could acquire the skill quickly. A trained person has the potential to play impressive songs with the help of brainwaves.

In the video below, a man uses the device that is connected to a keyboard.