Brad Pitt vs. George Clooney

Not much to say about these two, except we’re happy they lived in the same century as us. Vote for your favorite star and tell us what you most like about them.

Here is a list of things you probably didn’t know about the two actors.

Brad Pitt

• Has a pilot license.
• During college he posed for the campus calendar.
• While he was a teenager, he was a member of the swim, tennis and golf teams.
• He donated more than $ 5 million to rebuild the homes devastated by Hurricane Katrina, and founded an association that deals with raising funds for this purpose.
• When he was 27, he had a relationship with Juliette Lewis, his co-star in Too Young to Die (1990), and Kalifornia (1992).
• He was engaged to Gwyneth Paltrow for a year. They met on the set of the film Se7en (1995). The couple ended the relationship in 1997.
• Was married to Jennifer Aniston five years (2000 -2005).
• His high school nickname was Brad the “Pitt-bull.”
• Despite being in a 5-year-relationship with Angelina Jolie and having six children together (three biological and three adopted), the two are not married.
• He has received two Oscar nominations for his roles in 12 Monkeys and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

On staying humble: “You know, I telephoned my grandparents the other day, and my grandfather said to me, “We saw your movie.” “Which one?” I said, and he shouted, “Betty, what was the name of that movie I didn’t like?” I thought that was just classic. I mean, if that doesn’t keep your feet on the ground, what would?”

On having kids: “It really changes your perspective on the world. You know, I’ve had my day. I made some films, and I’ve really had a very fortunate life, and it’s time for me to share that a little bit. Having children takes the focus off yourself, which I’m really grateful for. I’m so tired of thinking about myself. I’m sick of myself. You feel you want to be there and not miss out on anything. It’s a true joy and a very profound love. You can write a book, you can make a movie, you can paint a painting, but having kids is the most extraordinary thing I’ve ever taken on.”

George Clooney

• Clooney was People Magazine’s Most Eligible Bachelor in 2001.
• He was once married to Talia Balsam; the marriage lasted four years (1989 -1993).
• He said he won’t marry again. Michelle Pfeiffer and Nicole Kidman bet $ 10,000 each that he will become a father by the age of 40. At that time, they both sent him a check of that amount. Clooney returned the checks and challenged them to double the amount of the bet if he becomes a father by the age if 50.
• He turns 50 on May 6.
• He had pet pigs for 18 years which was named Max. It died in 2006.
• He supported Barack Obama in the race for presidency in 2008.
• He had many girlfriends and long term relationships (Renee Zellweger, Mariella Frostrup, Krista Allen, Celine Balitran, Sarah Larson).
• In September 2006 he addressed the United Nations Security Council, urging it to act over Darfur.
• He won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in Syriana (2005).
• Referring to accusations that he was guilty of breaking up Julia Roberts and Benjamin Brat: “I was too busy breaking up Tom and Nicole’s marriage.”

“You never really learn much from hearing yourself talk.”

On what makes a man stylish: “For me, a sense of humor is number one. It’s certainly what’s most attractive. It’s not the first thing you notice at 21, but it’s the first thing you notice now. If celebrity is a credit card, I’m using my credit. My job is to try and find ways of talking about issues that move us forward. I don’t make policy, but I can shine a light on faulty or good policy. The Not On Our Watch launch reached more than 9 million people. We need to focus global attention on the plight of the 2.5 million civilians who have fled their homes. Rather than talk about who I’m dating, let’s talk about saving lives.

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