Katy Perry talks Russell Brand and open-mindedness in Vanity Fair interview

Annie Leibovitz, Vanity Fair

Perry’s mother had recently said she was shocked by the outfits of her daughter on stage. In the interview Katy addresses the strict upbringing she received.

“I didn’t have a childhood,” she says. She wasn’t allowed to listen to secular music or say the word “devil.”

Her parents are still devout evangelicals today but the singer says they are developing a better relationship now.

“We coexist,” she said. “I don’t try to change them anymore, and I don’t think they try to change me. We agree to disagree.”

Katy decided to go against her parents when she married Hindu comedian Russell Brand,

He has “never lied to me once,” she says. “I trust him; there’s just a level of trust that we’ve built up.”

In the interview, Perry also explains their refusal to sell their marriage photos to the media.

“The press is just not your friend when it comes to a marriage,” she said. “That’s why we didn’t sell the pictures of our wedding, and we got offered millions of dollars for them, millions.”

This edition of the magazine hits the stands in New York and Los Angeles on May 5. It will be available on iPad on May 10.