Mariah Carey reveals names for “Dem Babies”

Mariah Carey gave birth to her twins, a boy and a girl, on April 30, the day of her 3-year marriage anniversary.

The parents preferred to keep the names secret for a few days. Mariah launched a guessing game on her Twitter account, giving a clue about the names: the fact that her twins’ names both start with an M.

Now it’s time for revelation. The girl, who was born first, is called Monroe. In tribute to Marilyn Monroe who has often served as an inspiration for the singer. She has no middle name because her mom didn’t either.

The boy is called Moroccan Scott. Moroccan refers to one of Carey’s apartments, decorated in a Moroccan style and where Nick Cannon made his marriage proposal. As for Scott, it’s also the middle name for Nick and the maiden name of his mother.