Top dancing politicians: Michelle Obama, Barack Obama, Prince Charles, Dmitry Medvedev, George W. Bush and Edmond Talmacean

Politicians have talent. Do they? They convinced those who voted for them, each in his own way. Now they choose to represent you and present themselves in somewhat surprising ways, giving up the office for the dance floor. In this top, we ask you to tell us which of the following politicians have the best dance moves. Voting is open until Thursday.

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama visited Deal Middle School in Washington a few days ago, as part of a campaign she launched in schools and which she has called “Let’s Move”. At first, as students were on stage and carried out some moves, the First Lady seemed somewhat restrained.

But although she initially said she didn’t have time to learn the moves, once Beyonce’s song “Move Your Body” started pumping the speakers, Michelle started moving her hips. “Beyonce is one of my favorite performers on the planet,” Mrs. Obama admitted. The First Lady also showed her dancing skills on the Ellen DeGeneres show.


Barack Obama

The U.S. president practiced his dancing skills on Ellen’s show too.

Dancing seems like a kind of audition for all guests at Elle’s show, both Hollywood celebrities and politicians. Recently, even Barack Obama accepted the rules of the game. Everyone knew that Ellen is a great lover of dance, but nobody expected that she would convince Obama exhibit some moves.

Prince Charles

Prince Charles wants to show that the Royal family members are not as rugged as they may seem. In the video below you can see Charles dancing with some young people at an event in the 80s. For a man like him, we can say he’s not doing bad at all.

Dmitry Medvedev

These images of the Russian politician were recorded at a party held last year with his former classmates.

The presidential spokeswoman Natalia Timakova, said the movie had most likely been made public by one of the participants at the party, which proved that “notions of confidentiality of private life are in an embryo stage in our country.”

George W. Bush

George W. Bush welcomed presidential candidate John McCain at the White House in November 2008, to announce his support for his candidacy. So far, nothing unusual. But it was either McCain who was late for the meeting, or the fact that Bush was becoming too impatient. Or too enthusiast. The fact is that George Bush Jr. waited for his possible successor while performing some dance steps.

Edmond Talmacean

Invited to a show, Romanian politician Edmond Talmacean showed that he’s quite good at dancing and stole the show by moving on the rhythms of the song “I’m Bad” by Michael Jackson. On the other hand, we’ve found a dancer as good as him, of course on the rhythms of MJ’s song. Who do you think dances better? The Romanian politician or the walrus?

Who is the winner of the political dance competition in your opinion? Who made you laugh? Who do you think really has dancing skills?

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