Beautiful celestial show above the skies of Greece – VIDEO

His record includes photos of solar eclipses, sunsets, rainbows, sunrises trapped behind old temples, as well as astrographs.

After working for two years, the photographer was able to mount the photographs taken in Greece, where he managed to capture images with a partial eclipse of the sun, stars and the moon.

NASA’s explanations about this movie have suggested that the effect seems to be a tricky one, because the stars are supposed to have the same intensity of light regardless of the motion of the Earth.

Created by Chris Kotsiopoulos, the photographic arrangement is based on some spectacular overlapping of some of the elements on Earth – the Temple of Poseidon, an old ship, a church in the Peloponnesus, a stone bridge from Ioanina, the sky.

Here are the spectacular images taken by the Greek photographer.

Sky in motion from Chris Kotsiopoulos on Vimeo.