Kate Middleton at the supermarket one week after the royal wedding


The Duchess of Cambridge was caught shopping alone in a supermarket.

Kate Middleton proves that she prefers being your next-door girl, doing the things any wife would do.

Dressed in simple pants and a white sweater, over which she wore a green poncho, William’s wife pushed her shopping cart at a supermarket on the islands of Anglesey.

Witnesses said that Prince William’s wife filled a few shopping bags, which she carried to her Audi A3.

It seems that the Duchess of Cambridge wanted to prepare a dinner for her husband, who worked in a 24-hour shift as a rescue pilot.

“She loaded all the shopping into her car on her own, then skipped as she ran the trolley back to the park,” the observer told the Daily Mail.

“She looked very happy and was smiling at people. Most people didn’t even spot who it was, despite her being probably the most famous person in the world at the moment.”

The only evidence of her royal status was that now Kate has three bodyguards, a rear car monitor and a wedding ring.

Prince William and Kate Middleton were married on April 29 at Westminster Abbey, an event that many called the “wedding of the century”.