Jennifer Aniston’s latest man and baby rumors

The problem is some are dreaming just a little too much and have come up with stories to fill the emptiness.

The American public has been long waiting to hear that the Friends star is finally settling down or at least pregnant with her first child.

But when none of these two things happen, why not make everything up? That’s what journalists at Star magazine probably thought when they put a bogus Jennifer Aniston story on their cover.

According to the publication, the 42-year-old actress is having a new man in her life, but there’s also a baby on the way.

Brian Bouma, a film technician who met Jen on the set of Love Happens, briefly dated her three years ago, the magazine claims. As for the baby, they don’t know for sure if it’s a pregnancy or adoption.

No comment coming from Aniston’s team so far. But that’s probably because she feels it’s not worth bothering for low-class rumors of this kind and has better things to do.