Extremist Muslim preacher threatens Prince Harry (VIDEO)

Muslims Against Crusades announced that a video tape in which Prince Harry appears, was designed to channel opposition to the wedding of his brother, Prince William.

The fact that Prince Harry served in the military in Afghanistan is turning him into a “target” of anger for the extremists.

“There is a real anger with the Royal Family about their participation in war against Iraq and Prince Harry because of his tour fighting against Muslims in Afghanistan,” said Anjem Choudary, spokesman for the group.

“Prince William has also expressed a desire to fight in Afghanistan,” he added.

The extremist preacher who led a controversial prayer on Friday in memory of Osama bin Laden, near the U.S. embassy in London, said the video is not a call to arms against Prince Harry.

“It is the objective of this and videos like it to draw attention to the Royal Family’s involvement in wars that kill our Muslim brothers and sisters,” he said.

Defence Secretary Liam Fox is to make a visit to the United States, where officials will discuss the security implications for the Great Britain, after analyzing the information seized Osama Bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan., the operation that lead to the death of Al-Qaida leader a week ago.