Carla Bruni-Sarkozy’s priest is prepared to baptize her baby

It’s been several weeks since the rumor of a possible pregnancy of the French First Lady was sparked, but there is still no answer.

French newspaper Le Parisien published an interview with Father Silvano Bellomo, a close friend of the family of the First Lady.

The Italian-born priest doesn’t confirm that President Sarkozy’s wife is indeed pregnant, but he still has interesting things to tell us.

After talking about his ties with the Bruni-Tedeschi family, father Bellomo guarantees for his presence at a possible upcoming baptism.

He said: “If a new child arrives at the Elysee, I’m available!”

But that’s not all. The priest also revealed Carla Bruni’s desire to have a child from her marriage to Nicolas Sarkozy: “It’s not something I want to go into. But I can tell you that she has been wanting a baby for three years. During a recent visit to India she even prayed for one.”

To finish the interview, Father Silvano Bellomo, who also baptized Bruni’s first child, revealed strong ties between the President and the First Lady:

“They share a great love. She is fascinated by this man and at the same time, she soothes him.”