Middleton rivalry: Kate vs. Pippa

Despite the formal atmosphere of the royal family that the Middletons are now a part of, Kate and Pippa are no different than most siblings.

“There is a healthy competition between the two,” royal watcher Katie Nicholl tells Us Weekly. “Certainly when it comes to looks, there is a little friendly rivalry.”

According to a family source, the two sisters even argue over “weird things.”

“You’d see them fight over who had the worst headache or period pain!”

Kate was definitely in the center of attention on her wedding day, but go as far as saying Pippa was the actual star of the ceremony.

“She was the sister who sparkled,” Nicholl said. “She’s an extrovert compared to Kate.”

While in boarding school, “none of the guys noticed Kate,” a source says. The same insider adds that Pippa often visited her big sister while she was at St. Andrews in Scotland (where she met Prince William), and she would often flirt with Kate’s friends.

“She dated a couple of the St. Andrew’s lads and tried to get in with a lot of William’s friends,” a source says. “She wasn’t sleeping around, but she flirts.”

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