The Middletons engages in a battle against the press

Pippa Middleton AP

The marriage of Kate Middleton to Prince William was the talk of the past few months but now the Middletons’ two other children are in the center of attention, and not necessarily for the best reasons.

The scandal of James Middleton’s racy pictures and the excitement around Pippa Middletos posterior demonstrate the popularity of the English family.

Therefore, Mum and Dad Middleton have decided to warn the Complaints Commission against the press.

The committee was set up after Princess Diana’s death so that the press won’t be able to cross certain boundaries.

According to the plaintiffs, this limit has been reached following the publication in the Daily Mail of Pippa Middleton’s topless photos.

Rumors say that Prince William waited so long before he married Kate Middleton for fear of pressure that the press might have on her.

However, it seems that the media found her sister Pippa more interesting.