Britney Spears to submit to psychiatric assessment because of Sam Lutfi?

In order to allow Britney Spears to testify in the libel suit against Lynne Spears, her former manager Sam Lutfi asks the Superior Court of Los Angeles to make her pass a new psychiatric assessment.

The petition filed by Sam Lutfi should prove that Britney Spears is sane and therefore could testify in the court case Lutfi brought against the singer’s mother, Lynne Spears.

The charges followed the publication of the autobiographical book “Through the Storm” in 2008 where Britney’s mom said her agent had drugged her daughter to help control her.

Currently, the parents of the American starlet object to their daughter testifying before the Court, claiming that she is “mentally incapable” of doing so.

While the pop star is still under the tutelage of her father James Spears since 1 February 2008, the request made by her former agent could allow the singer to regain control of her affairs.

Reportedly, the queen of pop could be examined by a psychiatrist in California. The former manager believes that if she has recently released an album then she is capable of appearing in court.

Sam Lutfi’s lawyers also want access to the star’s medical records.