Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks on drunken teachers with W magazine

Together with her Larry Crowne co-star and director Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts talked to W magazine about her career, shooting and of course about this up-coming movie.

While director Tom Hanks explains how he wrote the role for Roberts, revealing some nice anecdotes, the famous actress also speaks about her character in the movie Larry Crowne.

“Yes. I had some teachers who looked like Julia,” Hanks says. “I would see them and think, I love you. So there was never anyone but Julia. Still, even after she said yes, I was the boss. That meant I got to say, ‘You don’t wear this dress, you wear that dress.’ And Julia’s Julia — she can be intimidating.”

“I spend a lot of the movie woozy,” Julia tells the magazine. “Why did Tom Hanks think of me when he thought of a drunken schoolteacher? What does that mean? He has me chugging margaritas. It’s hard to chug a margarita! I asked why it couldn’t be straight liquor, and he said it was funnier if it was a drink made in a blender.”

Larry Crowne tells the story of a middle-aged man who goes back to college after losing his job. Besides Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks, the movie also stars Wilmer Valderrama and Bryan Cranston.