California mother Kerry Campbell gives 8-year-old daughter Botox for beauty pageants

This is a shocking example of how far some parents may go in the name of success in beauty contests for children.

Experts say that this child could have long-term psychological problems because of the beauty treatments, informs Daily Mail.

Kerry Campbell, a beautician, told Good Morning America correspondent Lara Spencer in an interview that her daughter is the one who wanted the Botox treatment to look better at beauty contests.

However, she didn’t want to give details as to where she was buying the expensive treatment from, saying only that she had a reliable source, a doctor from behind the scenes.

Of her Botox shots, 8-year-old Britney said, “It hurt, but I get used to it,” but endures it because she thinks she “looks way better, like, beautiful, pretty… like, all those kinds of nice words.”

Kerry also acknowledged that she administers bikini waxes to her little girl in order to help her have as much success in beauty contests as possible.

Her daughter, Britney, present at the show, added that “it’s not lady-like to have hair on your legs.”

Experts say the girl may be destroyed for life, both physically and mentally.

“When I first heard this story my initial reaction was to be in disbelief and horrified. There’s a lot of psychological damage that can be caused,” said psychiatrist Charles Sophy.

However, the girl’s mother insists that she is a good mother and says that she’s doing the same thing other mothers do to their girls who are participating in beauty contests.

According to experts, it is illegal to administer Botox to persons under 18 as it can spark neuro-muscular disorders, and the practice borders malpraxis.